Data Encryption Software For Smart Water Meters?. has an article on how smart water meters are easily hackable because they don’t have any security in place.  Apparently, these devices can be easily secured via the use of encryption or even spectrum hopping but smart meter manufacturers haven’t done so because of increased costs. This lack of security means potential problems.  Some […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: Tufts University Data Breach, Encryption Was Used.

But, the fact that encryption was used does not mean that everything is all right in the state of Medford/Somerville (that’s where Tufts has its main campus.  I know because it’s my alma mater).  In fact, as pointed out, this is a great reminder that laptop encryption like AlertBoot is useless when your computer […] read more

UK Drive Encryption: Two Housing Bodies Breach DPA After USB Memory Stick Lost.

Two London housing bodies, Lewisham Homes and Wandle Housing Association, admitted to breaching the UK’s Data Protection Act when a USB memory stick with tenant information turned up at a police station.  The problem?  Lack of disk encryption software like AlertBoot, certainly, but also a lack of data controls. Contractor Involved According to, the […] read more