Laptop Encryption Software Second Most Important For PHI Breaches?.

A new survey released by Veriphyr shows that over seventy percent of healthcare organizations have experienced at least one data breach over the past 12 months. notes that insiders accounted for more breaches than cybercriminals, which has always been the case.  But, it also turns out that insider attacks were more prevalent than the […] read more

Data Encryption Banned In Pakistan.

Data encryption on-line, that is.  According to many, many (many) media outlets, the government of Pakistan has pressed forward in eliminating the use of encryption software for on-line activities.  The law does not appear to affect other types of encryption such as data at rest encryption. Encryption Works Moves such as these go to show […] read more

Data Encryption Software Non-Use Causes WikiLeaks Leak. Supposedly.

Media organizations around the world are reporting the “fact” that diplomatic leaks under WikiLeaks’s control have been leaked.  The twist?  WikiLeaks hadn’t leaked them, meaning that they had a data breach.  Makes me wonder why the leaked file was not protected with data encryption; it’s not as if WikiLeaks doesn’t know the value of a […] read more

Best Laptop Encryption Software: Some Criteria.

I’ve covered a couple of posts in the past on the topic of what is the best disk encryption software.  In one particular post, I ranted that the best laptop disk encryption software does not exist as much as you have the “bests.”  (Which, in my opinion, includes AlertBoot managed disk encryption, but, hey, that’s […] read more

Data Encryption Software: VA Medical Center Employee Takes Unauthorized Data Home.

VA officials have announced that a staff member at the Lexington VA Medical Center (in Kentucky) took patient files home, causing a data breach.  The employee was not authorized to do so.  Instances like these show why the use of disk encryption software like AlertBoot are not a silver bullet against data breaches. Undereducated Staff […] read more

Laptop Hard Disk Encryption: Finland Chiropractor Computer Found In Ditch.

According to (via a computer was found in a ditch along a Turku (Finland) freeway.  The computer contained medical information on thousands of people, including politicians, businessmen, and top athletes.  Apparently, drive encryption like AlertBoot was not utilized. Belongs to Chiropractor, Wasn’t Aware of Theft The computer belonged to a private chiropractor.  When […] read more

Medical Laptop Encryption Software: Mount Sinai Hospital Has Another Breach. brings us slightly old news that Mount Sinai Medical Center has had a data breach.  According to a notice posted at the hospital’s site, two laptops were stolen, affecting over 700 patients.  It appears that drive encryption software like AlertBoot was not used.  Despite their other data breaches. Two Laptops Stolen According to Mt. […] read more

UK Disk Encryption Software: Harley Street Clinic Signs Undertaking.

HCA International Limited, the data controller to Harley Street Clinic, has signed an Undertaking with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, admitting to a data breach which appears to have been completely avoidable: while the use of data encryption software such as AlertBoot was foregone, there were other protections in place. But, they did the equivalent […] read more