Data Encryption Software: Stevens Institute Of Technology Shows What Not To Do.

I just have to comment on something that I saw today.  The Stevens Institute of Technology was hacked by Anonymous and the breached database was leaked on pastebin.  Now, before we go on, I want to make it absolutely clear that this has nothing (well, almost nothing) to do with the central theme of this […] read more

Can The US Government Force You To Decrypt Your Protected Contents?.

A recurring question that keeps popping up each year is whether the US government can force you to decrypt the contents of a computer or file that is protected with encryption?  In the UK, thanks to RIPA, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, the answer to that same question is an unequivocal “yes, the government […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: Hurley Medical Center Breaches 2,000 Patients’ Info.

Hurley Medical Center in Michigan has announced the loss of a laptop computer with patient information.  The computer was not protected with drive encryption software like AlertBoot. As breaches go, it’s not high on the danger totem pole based on the contents of the laptop, in my opinion.  However, a HIPAA breach is HIPAA breach, […] read more

Data Encryption: Morgan Stanley Alerts 34,000 Of Missing CDs.

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney has alerted investors — 34,000 of them — that CDs with sensitive information were lost and that they should be on the lookout for possible fraud.  The CDs were password-protected…but were not protected with data encryption software like AlertBoot. A terrible move in hindsight, but a common one, especially when it […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing Loses Disk, Causes HIPAA Breach.

The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing has announced that over 3,500 medical-aid applicants’ information was lost when a disk was lost en route to a state agency.  The disk does not appear to have been protected with data encryption such as AlertBoot. Nearly 3,600 Affected According to the, HCPF officials have […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: Pfizer Has Another Breach, Laptop Was Encrypted.

Pfizer has alerted employees and the New Hampshire’s Attorney General Office that a laptop computer was stolen.  The laptop computer contained sensitive information.  Thankfully, drive encryption was used to protect the contents of the computer.  Unfortunately, the encryption password “may have been compromised.” Pfizer Finally Learns Its Lesson? This is not the first time that […] read more