Cost Of A Data Breach: Sony’s Insurer Says They Don’t Need To Pay.

Did another reason for being proactive when it comes to data security just pop up?  (As opposed to the usual practice of taking a look at data vulnerabilities after it happens?  Because that happens a lot.  You have no idea how many companies decide to deploy laptop encryption software after a computer goes missing). According […] read more

Data Encryption: Beth Israel Medical Says Virus Stole Information.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston has announced a data breach that affects more than 2,000 patients.  I bring up this news not because the use of data encryption like AlertBoot would have prevented the breach, but because encryption was used by the malware. Computer Service Vendor Causes Breach…Kinda This breach is an example […] read more

Data Encryption: Spartanburg Regional Announces CPU Theft, Says It’s Encrypted. Say, What?.

Spartanburg Regional Medical Center has announced yet another data breach, the third one since March of this year, according to  I’m kind of confused about the details; I think Spartanburg is confused, too.  Well, at least they’re not confused that data encryption software like AlertBoot was used…. (at least, I hope not). CPU is […] read more

Medical Drive Encryption: How To Prevent A Data Breach Such As Excela Health’s.

HIPAA’s patient data security rules apply to a broad range of entities, but medical companies are in the dead center of its bull’s eye.  Although there are many aspects to PHI data security, the use of hard disk encryption like AlertBoot protects against one type of breach that accounts for most of the breaches reported […] read more

Cost Of A Data Breach: Be Honest In Your Breach Notification Letters.

Michaels Stores, an arts and crafts business with locations in the US and Canada, is being sued for a data breach that occurred between February and May of this year.  Because the breach involved the hacking of POS systems and PIN pads, something that cannot be prevented with hard disk encryption like AlertBoot, I had […] read more

Data Encryption: Apple Loses Lawsuit In Korea.

There are a lot of stories going around how Apple lost in court in South Korea and had to pay one million Korean won, a little less than US $1,000, for the “tracking file” fiasco that went global (but them are the risks you take when you’re a global company).  Mind you, this amount is […] read more