Errata: Wrong Dates For AlertBoot/eGestalt Webinars.

It has come to my attention that I announced the wrong dates on this blog for the following webinars, hosted by AlertBoot and eGestalt:

“HIPAA/HITECH Compliance: Data Privacy and Security Best Practices for Medical Practitioners and Small Businesses” will take place on July 29th (not July 29th) and August 9th. (Click here to register).  If you’re a small HIPAA covered-entity, you will find this webinar of interest.

“HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Demystified – How to navigate the various requirements with implementation guidelines and best practices” will take place on July 28th (not July 29th) and August 9th.  (Click here to register).  If you’re in the security channel, you’ll find this webinar very informative.

Both webinars deal with HIPAA and HITECH updates, and how different solutions, including AlertBoot endpoint encryption for computers, help maintain compliance.

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