Data Encryption Software: Hong Kong Doesn’t Require Breach Notifications.

Once in a while I run across Hong Kong data breach stories.  Today I ran across two stories, one of which made me raise my eyebrows: companies in Hong Kong don’t need to report data breaches.  With such a policy, it’s questionable whether companies feel the need for disk encryption like AlertBoot. Queen Mary Hospital […] read more

CD Data Destruction: Like You’re the Dark Sith Lord.

I came across a brilliant way of destroying CDs so that their contents cannot be read once you’re done with them.  Sure, protecting any sensitive information with data encryption software, like AlertBoot, before you save it to a CD pretty guarantees data security; however, I doubt it’d be as electrifying. Erase CD with HV (High […] read more

USB Disk Encryption: University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Data Breach, Encryption Won’t Work In This Case.

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has signed an Undertaking with the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, acknowledging they were involved in a data breach.  Among the investigation’s findings: sensitive information was saved to a USB disk that was not secured with drive encryption like AlertBoot. My personal opinion is that encryption software would hardly […] read more

Can Or Cannot Governments Crack Encryption Like AES-256?.

No.  You are, obviously, looking for much more than a simple yes or no, though. Despite conspiracy theories to the contrary, strong encryption cannot be broken, or cracked, by the government: state, federal, foreign, domestic, etc.  They can try, of course.  But at the end of the day, chances are it’s not encryption that they’re […] read more

Cost Impact Of A PHI Data Breach: ANSI/Shared Assessments PHI Project Looks To Answer Questions.

What is the cost of a data breach?  Especially one that is related to the breach of protected health information, PHI?  The American National Standards Institute and Shared Assessments (an industry-standard body) have combined forces to find out.  I covered in the past the “savings” one could achieve with the use of disk encryption software […] read more

Full Disk Encryption: Edmonton Public School Board Employee Data Breach.

A massive data breach has affected the employees of the Edmonton Public School Board.  Over 7,000 employees’ information was saved to a USB memory stick which has gone missing.  It doesn’t appear that the device was protected with disk encryption like AlertBoot. A Techie Did It The memory stick device was used by a computer […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: Albright College Computers Stolen, 10,000 Affected (Updated).

Two laptop computers stolen from Albright College (Reading, Pennsylvania) has led to the breach of personal information for 10,000 students.  Albright has not yet revealed whether the devices were protected with laptop encryption software, such as AlertBoot, which would ensure that the students’ details remain out of reach, even if the laptop remains with the […] read more