Laptop Encryption Software Not Necessary When Dealing With Drunks.

The stories one runs into on the internet…  Apparently, there are instances where password-protection is good enough for security (as opposed to “real” data security like full disk encryption from AlertBoot): when your laptops are stolen by drunk people.

Tourist Wanted to Check Email

The National ( has a story about an inebriated visitor to Dubai that was jailed for being drunk off his bollocks and stealing a laptop.  The French tourist downed seven brewskies and untold amounts of vodka shots (really?  A French guy?  I’ve been brainwashed by Hollywood into thinking all they drink is red wine) before stumbling into a Sheraton Hotel where twenty laptops were laid out in one of the hotel’s conference rooms

The French national filched one of them and tried to use it while sitting on a bench.  He claims he was trying to check his email.  His on-line adventure, however, was cut short by the presence of password-protection.  Without the correct credentials, he was unable to log in, and promptly fell asleep on the bench.

Password-Protection: If You Can Guarantee that Only Drunks Will Steal It

OK, so it appears that password-protection sometimes works, despite my insistence that password-protection is not security.  However, there is a caveat: it works with drunk people, when they’re drunk.

Seeing how we cannot guarantee that all of our laptops will be stolen by drunk tourists, I think it’s safe to say that most organizations ought to put considerable efforts into securing their laptops with encryption software, and not password-protection.  An added bonus?  The former will protect data against drunks and non-drunks alike.

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