Disk Encryption: How Do You Cryptographically Erase Data?.

Crypto-erase.  Crypto-deletion.  Cryptographic deletion.  You’ve heard that it is instantaneous and foolproof.  What is it, and how do you do it?  Cryptographically erasing data is essentially getting rid of the encryption key to encrypted data.  Obviously, a computer must be set up with disk encryption software like AlertBoot for this to work. What is an […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Sony Says Credit Cards Were Encrypted.

Sony has released a Q&A regarding frequently asked questions of the PSN data breach.  Among other things, it revealed that their “credit card table” was protected with encryption software.  However, their “personal data table” was not. It was not revealed whether passwords were hashed or protected in any other way, although one would imagine that […] read more

Email Encryption: NY Yankees Breaches Info For 20,000 Season Ticket Holders.

A spreadsheet containing New York Yankees season ticket holders’ information was emailed to nearly 2,000 people.  The spreadsheet contained information on 21,446 ticket holders.  When dealing with emails that hold quite a bit of data, it’s always advisable that one look into data encryption like AlertBoot. VIPs Not Affected The NYY revealed in a public […] read more

Data Security: VZ Director Says FUD Is Out Of Control.

I still haven’t gotten around to reading Verizon’s 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report (74 pages long!), but I have run across summaries of the report.  Essentially, the number of breaches have increased dramatically but the number of compromised records have decreased dramatically.  I’d say it’s a win for data protection software, including drive encryption software […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software Not Necessary When Dealing With Drunks.

The stories one runs into on the internet…  Apparently, there are instances where password-protection is good enough for security (as opposed to “real” data security like full disk encryption from AlertBoot): when your laptops are stolen by drunk people. Tourist Wanted to Check Email The National (thenational.ae) has a story about an inebriated visitor to […] read more

Wifi Encryption: Yes Or No?.

As a provider of laptop encryption software, AlertBoot knows the importance of using cryptographic tools to secure information.  Some might say it’s a no-brainer: if your laptop holds sensitive data on thousands of people, why wouldn’t you encrypt it? But what about encrypting one’s wireless internet connection?  Interestingly enough, there are people who wonder whether […] read more