HIPAA Encryption: Medical Researchers Get Some Recommendations From Colleagues.

In a paper titled “How Strong are Passwords Used to Protect Personal Health Information in Clinical Trials?” El Emam et al. note that most researchers involved in clinical trials are not properly using data security tools like encryption.  This is not necessarily because the researchers are not trying but because they’re not aware that there […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: A Key Tool In HIPAA/HITECH.

Another day, another report on the first year of the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act.  Like other similar reports, one can only conclude that the attentive use of cryptographic solutions like full disk encryption from AlertBoot would have prevented many of these breaches. Laptops, Theft Leading Cause of Breaches The […] read more

Data Security: Why Credit Card Data Needs To Be Encrypted On Your Computers.

You might wonder why credit card information should not be stored on computers (unless they’re protected with encryption, such as AlertBoot).    PCI Security Standards, for example, state that primary account numbers (PAN) shouldn’t be stored unless they’re secured with strong encryption.  Well, now you can find out why and read all about it…and in real-speak, […] read more

HIPAA Encryption: Fines Not Related To Data Security Are Also Something To Think About.

From time to time I cover stories and issues where HIPAA/HITECH and medical data encryption intersect.  Today, I’m going to just observe that HIPAA/HITECH involves more than patient data security, and that the HHS is not a sleeping lion anymore. Cignet Health Fined for Not Collaborating On February 22, the U.S. Department of Health and […] read more

Data Protection: Emory Healthcare Alerts Patients Of Hacker Activity, Fraud.

A data breach involving Emory Healthcare shows why data encryption software like AlertBoot is de rigueur in the Information Age.  It also raises an interesting question. 77 Emory Patients Involved in Tax Scam Emory Healthcare contacted approximately 2,400 patients that there was a security breach at Emory’s orthopedic clinic (located in North Druid Hills), and […] read more

HIPAA Data Encryption: 500 Is A Tragic Number.

Colin Zick at securityprivacyandthelaw.com notes that according to the HHS 2012 budget, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) cannot afford to investigate medical data breaches that involve less than 500 people.  The report also answers an oft-asked question: how many such breaches were reported to the HHS?  Quite a few, it turns out.  (As a […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: LOUD Technologies Has Data Breach.

LOUD Technologies has notified the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office of a data breach.  The breach occurred on November 15, 2010, when computer equipment was stolen during a burglary.  It appears that hard disk encryption was not used to protect the information, although password protection was employed. Employee Information Lost LOUD notes in their letter […] read more