Laptop Encryption Software: Computers Stolen From Bend Ophthalmology In Oregon.

An eye clinic in Bend, Oregon was burglarized, leading to the theft of five computers.  It is not yet known if there was any sensitive information lost, and if so, whether hard drive encryption like AlertBoot was used to protect the information. Three Laptops, Two Desktops Stolen This is one of those stories that exemplifies […] read more

Wallet Protection: Dunhill’s Biometric Wallet.

Have seen you the $825 wallet yet?  From Dunhill, it’s a carbon-fiber covered bill keeper with a biometric fingerprint reader.  Apparently, there’s no other way to open, lest you use a blunt or sharp instrument, destroying whatever might be inside of it (a hacksaw can probably cut through it, also cutting the cards and dollar […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: UIT Phoenix And Warner Pacific College Notify NH AG About Data Breach. has posted a couple of links to information security breaches tied to a couple of institutions of higher learning.  Both notified the New Hampshire Attorney General’s office of the breach, and in both cases laptop computers with Social Security numbers were stolen.  While specific details differ, both are instances where the use of full […] read more

Information Security: FaceBook Using HTTPS And Social Authentication Captcha.

Various sites have covered FaceBook’s new data security measures.  First, there is the use of https (with an “s” at the end) connections.  The “s” stands for “secure,” and in this case security is provided in the form of data encryption, which is what powers AlertBoot endpoint security software. Second, there is an update to […] read more

Data Security: Deloitte Says That Theft Is A Growing Problem.

Experts at Deloitte report that incidences of data theft are growing.  All the examples they give, though, are incidences where data was stolen by insiders.  It’s one of those instances where the use of data encryption software like AlertBoot cannot be relied on because, truth be told, these insiders are already “trusted” to begin with. […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: Grays Harbor Pediatrics Announces Breach (Updated).

According to the, Grays Harbor Pediatrics has announced the theft of a computer backup device.  This device, which sounds like it might be a portable hard disk, held copies of paper records (sounds like document scans) of patients.  It appears that hard disk encryption like AlertBoot may not have been used, although it’s hard […] read more