Drive Encryption Most Ear-Marked As 71% Of UK Organizations Suffer Data Breaches. is carrying the results of the Ponemon Institute’s fifth annual survey on data security.  When it comes to the UK, it has found, among other things, that encryption software was newly incorporated by 53% of organizations.

Nearly 100% are Looking into Encryption?

Delving into the research reveals that the vast majority of UK organisations surveyed continue to adopt encryption: In this year’s study, 53% had fully executed or just launched data encryption technology, whilst 47% were in the process of implementing data encryption programmes. []

53% either have or are in the process of using cryptographic tools like disk encryption from AlertBoot, and another 47% are about to begin the process?  That adds up to 100%!  That sounds like too high a penetration rate.

Granted, this is a survey, and most surveys have an “error rate,” which in this case can only go down…but still, even with an error margin of 5%, this means that 95% of UK organizations will, in the near future, have encryption software being used in the workplace.

Doesn’t this sound too high?

The UK has had Spectacular Data Breaches

On the other hand, you can’t deny that the UK has reasons for having a higher-than-normal consciousness when it comes to information security.  It was only three years ago that two CDs, containing information on nearly half of the UK’s populace, was lost.

And, the flow of news on breaches has not stopped since then.  Perhaps, then, it shouldn’t be a surprise that UK companies, more than others, are taking information security seriously.

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