Data Encryption Software: If So Good At Protecting Data, How To Account For Wikileak?.

The big news today is the release of US diplomatic cables via WikiLeaks.  I’ve read somewhere–sorry can’t produce a link because today’s been a blur of Wikileak-related stories–that the leaked embassy missives are classified as “secret,” at least.  What this means is that the communiqués were protected with data encryption. A friend asked me, if […] read more

Data Encryption Ransomware Making The Rounds, Asking for $120.

Graham Cluley at Sophos has sounded the alert on malware that partially encrypts your files and asks for ransom for your data’s release.  Another demonstration that data encryption software like AlertBoot is extremely effective at protecting data, although an unpalatable one. Encrypts Media and (Microsoft) Office Files The malware apparently spreads via “malicious” PDFs, which […] read more