Disk Encryption For All Photocopiers? Possibly In NJ.

New Jersey’s Senate Commerce Committee will soon be voting on whether photocopiers need to be wiped before being discarded.  There are photocopiers out there that make use of drive encryption for their internal hard drives, which are present in all modern photocopying machines.  However, with only 60% of people even being aware that modern photocopiers […] read more

Data Encryption Software: If So Good At Protecting Data, How To Account For Wikileak?.

The big news today is the release of US diplomatic cables via WikiLeaks.  I’ve read somewhere–sorry can’t produce a link because today’s been a blur of Wikileak-related stories–that the leaked embassy missives are classified as “secret,” at least.  What this means is that the communiqués were protected with data encryption. A friend asked me, if […] read more

Data Encryption Ransomware Making The Rounds, Asking for $120.

Graham Cluley at Sophos has sounded the alert on malware that partially encrypts your files and asks for ransom for your data’s release.  Another demonstration that data encryption software like AlertBoot is extremely effective at protecting data, although an unpalatable one. Encrypts Media and (Microsoft) Office Files The malware apparently spreads via “malicious” PDFs, which […] read more

Cost Of A Data Breach? How About 20 Years Of FTC Supervision?.

The holidays finally gave me the chance to read the Rite Aid decision and court order.  If you’ll recall, Rite Aid had settled with the FTC on charges that it had failed to protect sensitive financial, medical, and health information. After a public comment period, the settlement was approved.  Nothing out of the ordinary, really.  […] read more

Data Encryption On Tapes And Other Media When FedEx’ing Stuff: If They Can Lose Radioactive Rods….

Nothing like a weird story for the day right after Thanksgiving Day.  According to reports, FedEx lost (and found) a customer’s radioactive rods.  This loss comes as a surprise to me despite FedEx’s record of losing stuff.  If this won’t convince people to use data security products like disk encryption when sending sensitive data via […] read more

Was The ICO’s Fine Too Small? Or Was It Just Right?.

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office first monetary penalties has left a lot of controversy in its wake.  It’s kind of expected for a watershed moment.  Personally, I’m glad no one has stepped up and argued that the companies should not have been fined for not using disk encryption software. Penalty is Too Low Two organizations […] read more

Business Laptop Encryption Missing In 60% Of Computers.

A survey of 130 IT managers in the UK revealed that only 40% of laptops are protected with data encryption.  This is astounding news not only because we now know–via the ICO’s efforts–that data breaches are more common than previously thought, but also because the ICO has conclusively shown that they will penalize companies that […] read more

Data Security: New Biometric Technology Tracks Eye Movement Pattern.

A new type of biometric technology will be making its debut.  The latest security system uses the movement of your eyes to confirm your identity.  If implemented correctly, it could be a great way of securing access to computers that have laptop encryption software like AlertBoot. Exploiting Eye Movement Patterns What makes this latest biometric […] read more