Data Encryption: Ex-Spy Anna Chapman Apparently On Cover Of Men’s Magazine.

Something I’d like to mention in passing: In July I had a short entry on the discovery of a Russian spy network on the east coast, and how insecure practices concerning computer drive encryption software led to their downfall (passwords on post-its).

Well, it looks like the most famous of the lot, Anna Chapman, has made the cover of Russia’s Maxim magazine, photoshopped to death and back.  Or at least, so they say: According to, Maxim’s Russian site is down due to heavy traffic, and it still was when I went to check it out personally (yes, for research purposes only).

I guess there won’t be any encryption software being used in this case (Not safe for work?  SFW?  I have NO idea…I imagine it would be the former since Russia has less draconian nudity laws, if I recollect correctly).  Unless, of course, you’re downloading images and you’ve got a wife.  (That’s right….slow news day.)

Update: By the way, I’m glad this is one of those “once in a blue moon” things.  Can you imagine the moral hazard If fame and fortune is what awaits people who breach data?

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