Disk Encryption Software: Not Revealing Encryption Password Lands UK Teen In Jail.

A 19-year old from Liverpool has been incarcerated for refusing to reveal his password.  His computer was protected with data encryption, and under UK laws (RIPA, specifically), it’s a crime not to produce the password to encrypted information under a court order. Odd Story All Around The teenager/man (the BBC article equivocates, referring to the […] read more

Data Security And Identity Theft: Consumers Forsaking ID Theft Services.

Forbes has an article, “Consumers Are Ditching The $2.4 Billion ID Theft Protection Market.”  I was hoping to read how the world out there had become safer due to the use of data protection tools like full disk encryption from AlertBoot and the like.  Instead, it turns out that people are opting out of ID […] read more