Laptop Encryption Software: Lifehacker Shows You How To Break Into PCs. has listed some ways on how one might bypass Windows computer password prompts.  They list the different ways, how it works, and how to ensure you don’t fall victim to these.  For the latter, the answer is pretty much the same: use encryption, such as AlertBoot’s disk encryption. And, in the one case where […] read more

Data Encryption: Data Theft Surpasses Physical Asset Theft.

Kroll has announced that this is the year that companies are losing more to electronic theft over physical theft.  It remains to be seen whether this is a watershed moment or just a random blip in history.  Regardless, the fact that the two are neck to neck means that data security tools like full disk […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption: WTC Medical Monitoring Program Data Breached. has found that Mt. Sinai Medical Center suffered a data breach when a hard drive with “some patient information” was found missing from their WTC monitoring program offices.  It appears that drive encryption software like AlertBoot was not used to protect the contents. Stolen From a Computer The missing hard drive contained “potentially identifying […] read more