Cost Of A Data Breach: Aon Sued For Delaware Breach, Probably Will Defend Successfully.

AON Corporation recently revealed that the details of 22,000 people were leaked, two weeks ago.  I hadn’t really covered it because it was not a situation where data protection, such as AlertBoot’s drive encryption, would have helped: the information was actually posted on-line. Today, a lawsuit was filed against AON and lawyers are seeking class-action […] read more

Data Encryption: India’s Communication Companies Must Provide Access–RIM, Google, Skype.

India and communications companies are still (were?) at loggerheads over the use of encryption technology, the same technology that powers AlertBoot endpoint encryption software.  It was reported today that, in addition to RIM–the operators of BlackBerry devices–and Skype, Google has been asked to provide access to encrypted information. Issue Ongoing from July I’ve already covered the […] read more