Information Security: What Is A Weak Password?.

In the real world, the strength of your laptop encryption doesn’t matter: hackers assume it’s very strong (and they usually wouldn’t be wrong in making this assumption) and attack the system in some other way.  While it isn’t anyone’s first choice of attack, attempts at guessing the password that unlocks access to encrypted systems is […] read more

Data Security And Encryption For Online Chat Transcripts?.

Evan Schuman has an article over at revealing his concerns about Rite-Aid and Walgreens’s “pharmacist chat programs.”  These chat programs are the pharmacies’ efforts to get closer to their customers.  Chat sessions are to be protected with data encryption, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. These chat sessions are meant to be a conversation […] read more

Data Encryption A Key Aspect Of International Travel For Feds.

GCN (Government Computer News), the “online authority for government IT professionals,” has come up with nine points that government personnel must be aware of when traveling internationally.  Key among them is the use of data encryption software such as hard disk encryption for laptop computers and e-mail encryption, as well as a good dollop of […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: AUS$500,000 Worth Of Laptops Missing.

Australian public servants have lost or stolen more than $500,000 (about $475,000 US) in computer equipment since January 2006 and October 2009.  It looks like full disk encryption was not employed on these machines. Department of Primary Industries Worst Hit Of all the governmental branches, the Department of Primary Industries suffered the most in losses.  […] read more

Data Encryption Software: 7,250 Rice University Personnel Data Breach (Updated).

Update (24 SEP 2010): According to the Rice Thresher, the device was stolen from an off-campus location (which now really begs, “was the device protected with encryption software?”)  Scroll down to the bottom for the link.  A device containing personal information for over 7,000 Rice University faculty and staff has been stolen.  So far, it […] read more

Password Security: xkcd On Why You Shouldn’t Be Reusing Passwords.

I’ve seen an unnatural number of stories related to password security these past couples of months (password security, of course, is a requirement for good data security.  Otherwise, the use of disk encryption would be meaningless).  There was the story that passwords now must be 12-characters long to be considered secure. Then there was this […] read more