Data Security: How Kern Medical Center Responded To A Data Breach.

I was reading a Forbes article on how Kern Medical Center’s IT systems stopped working due to a malware infestation this past July when I burst out laughing.  The story has absolutely nothing to do with data encryption software, but I thought I’d share it, both for the humorous incident and the insight. MSFT’s .lmk […] read more

Data Encryption Software: TX Dept Of Health Sells Data, Recipient Uses It For Non-Research Purposes.

I’ve mentioned in the past that data encryption ought to be considered for seemingly trivial–yet personal–data, in certain cases.  For example, if a massive database of e-mail addresses is breached…so what, right? On the other hand, that’s what happened to a few years back, and that seemingly trivial information was used to infect people’s […] read more