Full Disk Encryption: Sandiegofit.com Break-In Results In Data Breach.

Databreaches.net noted that sandiegofit.com has alerted the NH Attorney General’s Office about a data breach that took place on August 30, 2010.  A computer was stolen from a protected area, and it is sensitive information was breached as a result.  The letter to the AG noted that disk encryption had not been used. Computer Stolen […] read more

Data Security: How Kern Medical Center Responded To A Data Breach.

I was reading a Forbes article on how Kern Medical Center’s IT systems stopped working due to a malware infestation this past July when I burst out laughing.  The story has absolutely nothing to do with data encryption software, but I thought I’d share it, both for the humorous incident and the insight. MSFT’s .lmk […] read more

Data Encryption Software: TX Dept Of Health Sells Data, Recipient Uses It For Non-Research Purposes.

I’ve mentioned in the past that data encryption ought to be considered for seemingly trivial–yet personal–data, in certain cases.  For example, if a massive database of e-mail addresses is breached…so what, right? On the other hand, that’s what happened to monster.com a few years back, and that seemingly trivial information was used to infect people’s […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: St. Vincent Hospital Loses 1,200 Patient Data.

St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis has announced the data breach of 1,200 people.  An employee’s laptop was stolen when the employee’s home was burglarized.  It is not mentioned whether disk encryption software like AlertBoot was used to protect the data. Dearth of Details Frankly, there’s not much to report on.  A laptop computer was stolen […] read more

Data Security Statistic: 23% of College Students Hacked IT Systems.

Research by Tufin Technologies has revealed that nearly a quarter of university students have successfully hacked into IT systems.  Looks like data security professionals will have their work cut out for them in the future… Stats: 28% Say IT System Hacking is Easy There are some surprising numbers in the survey: 40% of successful hackers […] read more

Data Security At ATMs: Remember To Close Out Your Sessions.

One of the key aspects of data security is to make a proper exit, such as logging out after using a computer that is protected with laptop encryption software or closing and locking a door.  Call it the understatement of the century if you will, but it looks like it bears pointing out. Man Uses […] read more

Drive Encryption: Because 61% Of Data Losses Are Malicious In Nature.

A new study claims that malicious intent is behind 62% of all data losses: 29% is attributed to hackers and 33% is attributed to insiders.  The rest, 38%, is unintentional in nature.  With such figures, does it make sense to use data security tools like laptop encryption software from AlertBoot?  You betcha Preventing Data Breaches […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: Cooper University Hospital Residence Data Breach.

All residents who were at Cooper University Hospital for 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 are being alerted to the breach of their personal information.  A USB flashdrive went missing only hours after a database was copied to the device.  It hasn’t been mentioned whether full hard disk encryption was used to protect the contents of the drive. […] read more