Full Disk Encryption: Dental Office In Tacoma Burglarized, Server Stolen.

Databreaches.net has found a press release announcing a data breach by what appears to be a private dental practice.  And, the only reason why Dr. Ward Morris, DDS, did so was because he had to comply with the HITECH Act.  If he only had also taken the “recommendation” that patient information be protected with disk […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software Not Used in Aultman HealthCare In Your Home Breach? Affects 13,800.

Aultman Health Foundation has posted a press release on their website, announcing that a laptop computer with patient information was stolen.  It is not known whether laptop encryption software was used to protect the patient data, although it looks like encryption is used at the company. Was it Used in This Instance? The affected patient […] read more

Desktop Encryption Software: Loma Linda Dental School Desktop Computers Stolen.

While many will make the case for laptop encryption, most fall silent when it comes to protecting desktop computers with the same technology.  However, as Loma Linda University’s Dental School shows, comparatively massive computers need protective software as well–especially if they contain sensitive information. Three Desktops Stolen, Over 10,000 Affected Three computers were stolen on […] read more

Disk Encryption: Portland Community College Announced Loss Of USB Device.

Portland Community College has announced a data breach involving 2,900 people who were participating in the Oregon Food Stamp Employment Transition Program (OFSET).  A spokesperson for PCC has admitted that a stolen data storage device did not use data encryption, and that “it would easy” to access the information. This is the second breach story […] read more

Full Disk Encryption: Portland Psychologist Has Car Break-In, Notifies Thousands Of Data Breach.

A Portland, Oregon psychologist has alerted approximately 4,000 patients that personal health information was stolen from his car in July, when someone broke into his car and stole his laptop computer and briefcase.  While there is no mention of drive encryption software, it’s been noted that password-protection was used to “protect” the data.  On a […] read more

Data Security: Dot Matrix Printer Sounds Can Be Decoded Into Legible Info.

The Register has a pretty interesting story on dot-matrix printers and data security.  According to the article, researchers have been able to turn the screeches of printers into data.  Boy, would it suck to find that, after ensuring that you’re using hard disk encryption and securing your communication channels, a decrepit printer is the cause […] read more

Data Encryption: Toshiba Debuts Self-Wiping Hard Disk.

Toshiba has announced the “Wipe” for their Self-Encrypting Drives (SED), a technology that allows a hard drive to securely erase its contents when a system is powered down.  Basically, it sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo for an encrypted drive that will delete its encryption key when it’s turned off.  You can get the same […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: Jewish Hospital Has 3rd Breach, Laptops Stolen.

Jewish Hospital has announced a third breach, following breaches at Our Lady of Peace and Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital Women’s Center.  The incident is a strong reminder that full disk encryption solutions should be deployed before a device is used. Laptops Stolen, Affects 2,089 Patients The breach occurred at the Catheterization Lab at Jewish […] read more