Connecticut Insurance Data Breach Notification Rules: No Safe Harbor For Data Encryption (Update).

The Connecticut Insurance Commissioner issued Bulletin IC-25 earlier this month, officially instructing all Department of Insurance Regulated Entities to “notify the Department of any information security incident[s].”  The use of data encryption won’t be grounds for granting safe harbor, a departure from the State’s own personal information breach disclosure laws. The order to inform the […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: PK Yonge School of U. Florida Loses Laptop With Personal Info.

The P.K. Yonge Development Research School at the University of Florida has announced a data breach affecting students and employees.  A laptop computer was stolen from a car, and it looks like hard drive encryption was not used to secure the data (although that won’t be true for long). 8,300 People Affected According to the […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: What Exactly Are You Protecting Against? Applying Some Thought.

Sometimes I read stories like the one below, and can only click my tongue tsk, tsk.  While data security doesn’t require a graduate degree, it does require some thought.  I often mention this when blogging about data encryption software, but sometimes it extends to security practices beyond encryption. Grad Student’s Life in Ruins A graduate […] read more

Encryption For E-Mail: Electronic Mail Is Leading Cause For Enterprise Data Loss. points out that electronic mail is still the leading cause of data breaches at companies, despite its use being “on the wane” due to inroads by new social media.  The same technology–such as laptop encryption software from AlertBoot–that guards data stored on computers can also be applied successfully to protect outgoing e-mails. Some Stats […] read more

Drive Encryption Software Or Laptop Insurance For Protection?.

A UK company called Protect your bubble is offering laptop insurance for £3.99 a month (about US$6.00).  While such protection products are to be welcomed, one must remember that we’re talking about asset protection, not data protection, which is only possible via tools like hard disk encryption such as AlertBoot. It’s a Good Idea to […] read more

Data Security: Guy Shoots $100,000 Server With Gun While Drunk Off His A** (Rhymes With Pass).

Sometimes, there is such a things as too much security.  For example, instead of drive encryption software like AlertBoot, you’ve got a .45-caliber automatic to defend your server.  Or, instead of using a magnetic degausser, you decide to empty rounds into your server using a .45-caliber automatic. I mean, that’s why you’d bring a gun […] read more