Cost Of A Data Breach: Credit Protection Being Taken "Seriously?".

When a company experiences a data breach–say, losing a laptop full of sensitive data that was not adequately protected, such as with hard disk encryption like AlertBoot, it soon finds itself dealing with a number of unexpected cash outflows. Free credit protection services are one of the bigger expense categories a company can face in […] read more

Drive Encryption? UH Parking Office Has Server Breach, SSNs Compromised.

As an employee of company that offers disk encryption software, I have to admit that it feels weird when I veer off track and point out that there is a better solution than encryption.  But in the following story, where the University of Hawaii had a breach, that’s exactly the case. U of Hawaii and […] read more

Data Encryption Is Reason For BlackBerry And Skype Ban In India?.

It looks like the ability to encrypt data in BlackBerries and Skype–the same science behind the protection found in drive encryption software like AlertBoot–is grounds for banishment from the Indian subcontinent…if the companies do not play nice. Give Us a Backdoor or Else… Supposedly, India’s Department of Telecommunications will ask Skype and Research in Motion […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software For The DairyCo: Employee’s Car Burglarized.

An employee of DairyCo–an organization that aids in improving the quality of dairy in the UK–has gone public with the theft of a laptop computer.  It sounds like laptop encryption software such as AlertBoot was not used, although it looks like it might not have been necessary. Sensitive Data not Included The laptop computer was […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Became A Little More Necessary Today. has an article today about a new tool that reveals internet passwords.  As most security guys would point out, there is nothing “new” about this tool, hence my title above would technically be misleading (in that FDE is as necessary today as it was yesterday, not more necessary today).  And yet, I would agree […] read more

Data Breach Lawsuits: Future-Oriented Harm Is Not Grounds For A Lawsuit.

Chalk up another one for corporations: The Bank of New York Mellon was successful in having a lawsuit against it dismissed.  A lawsuit was brought forward when the bank lost a tape with personal information.  Encryption software like AlertBoot was not used in to protect the contents of the backup tape, which prompted a number […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption For Russian Spies?.

One of the big head-scratchers I’ve read about this week is on the Russian spy network that was unearthed in the east coast.  At the risk of getting assassinated, the story reads like a bunch of amateurs.  I mean, have you looked into their information security practices? Laptop encryption software would be wasted on these […] read more