Drive Encryption Software Not Used, SunBridge Notifies 3830 Of Laptop Theft.

The loss of a laptop belonging to SunBridge Healthcare has affected people across 10 states.  Hard drive encryption was not used on the device, although password-protection was present.  That’s potentially bad news. Sensitive Data Present No details were offered on the press release regarding the theft (where, when, who, etc).  What is known, however, is […] read more

Disk Encryption: CA Health Care Services Misplaces CD, Affects Nearly 29,808 People.

A CD sent from Care 1st to the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) is lost, potentially affecting 29,808 medi-Cal beneficiaries.  While the story might be “anecdotal” in that it represents what happened to one company, it highlights why more and more companies are turning to security solutions like laptop encryption software from AlertBoot. […] read more

HIPAA Data Breach Site Updated: Private Practices’ Names Now Made Public.

It looks like the OCR/HHS was listening to criticisms all along: their webpage where HIPAA breaches involving 500 or more people (breaches where data encryption tools like AlertBoot was not used) now reveal the name of private practices. Private Practices’ Names Were Hidden from the Public It wasn’t always the case.  For example, the site […] read more

Disk Encryption Software Used On CT State Teacher’s Retired Board Info.

So, why the notification letters?  After all, Connecticut is one of those states that grant safe harbor from sending data breach notification letters if the missing information is protected with drive encryption programs like AlertBoot endpoint encryption. Under the circumstances, I’m not sure that sending those notification letters are a service to anyone involved. Encrypted […] read more

Full Disk Encryption Software For Village Of Big Bend, WI?.

Same old story, different place and time: the village of Big Bend, Wisconsin has found that they’ve on the receiving end of a data breach.  It looks like drive encryption like AlertBoot was not used to secure sensitive content. Car Involved, Processor Involved While the details are meager, we know this much: a payroll processor […] read more