Laptop Encryption Software Still Lacking At MOD? 340 Lost In Past Two Years.

The UK’s Ministry of Defense is falling short in its mission when it comes to protecting itself: 340 laptops and hundreds of other data storage devices have been lost or stolen in the past two years.  And, only half were protected with data security tools like full disk encryption such as AlertBoot. Cavalier Attitude? On […] read more

Data Security: Don’t Change Passwords! Advises Siemens.

The following is not a drive encryption software issue per se, but just had to mention it because it deals with information security: apparently, there is malware that is making the rounds.  It’s exploiting a hard-coded password, and the makers of the software are advising against changing it. Siemens Simantic WinCC Scada Being Targeted The […] read more

Data Encryption Software Not Used On South Shore Hospital Backup Files?.

South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, MA has announced a massive data breach.  Backup files, shipped to be destroyed, have ended up partially missing.  Up to 800,000 people are involved in this breach.  It sounds like data encryption was not used to protect the contents, although I’m wondering whether it was necessary in light of what […] read more

Data Encryption Story Follow Up: BCBS of Tennessee Saga Comes To A Close.

I just wanted to note that BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee has finally completed its analysis of their data that was stolen. If you’ll recall, the story first broke back in OCT 2009.  BCBS was caught flatfooted, and had sent out contradicting statements (including an initial announcement which noted that data was protected with encryption software; or, […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption Used On Lost Department of Labor Laptop.

The Connecticut Department of Labor has announced that approximately 5,000 people will be notified regarding the theft of a laptop computer with confidential unemployment information.  Thankfully, the computer was protected with encryption (possibly disk encryption software?), so I wouldn’t particularly be worried. Bridgeport Office Break-In The laptop was stolen from the Labor Department’s Bridgeport Office.  […] read more