Data Encryption Software: Perhaps Solution To SCADA Is USB Port Blocking?.

As I’ve noted before, the SCADA worm (or, more accurately, the Stuxnet worm/Trojan) has nothing to do with drive encryption software like AlertBoot.  But, perhaps a service that’s included in AlertBoot could be of help. Fractured Reporting I didn’t realize it last week, but the worm affecting SCADA is actually parceled up with the Microsoft […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: HK Hospital’s Computers Stolen During Break-In.

Hospital volunteers and patients at Hong Kong’s Queen Mary Hospital are at risk because of a computer data breach.  Two desktop computers and an external hard disk were stolen, and it looks like drive encryption software was not used. 700 Affected One of the stolen computers contained the information of 700 cancer patients and dozens […] read more