Hard Drive Encryption: First Advantage TCS Reports Lost Laptop To NH AG.

First Advantage Tax Consulting Services (TCS) has alerted the New Hampshire Attorney General that an employee misplaced a laptop during an airport layover.  Whether laptop encryption software was used is not mentioned, although a complex password was used, which was changed remotely (to something even more complex?). Laptop Encryption Would Have Been Better? While the […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption: Montefiore Medical Center Announces Computer Thefts.

Montefiore Medical Center has announced two incidents of computer theft.  It was revealed that password-protection was used in both cases, but whether disk encryption was present was not mentioned.  The latter provides security; the former not so much. Two Incidents There were two burglaries, affecting five computers in total.  In the first, two desktop computers […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: Reports Shows Half Of All Breaches Comes From Missing Laptops.

The Digital Forensics Association has come up with a report showing the impact of missing laptops in the overall data breach landscape.  And, while the numbers make a case that targeted hacks are now the leading cause of actual records compromised, that doesn’t necessarily mean that an organization should invest less in data protection tools […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: Cooper University Hospital Loses Thumb Drive.

The story from Cooper University Hospital is that a thumb drive filled with sensitive data has gone missing.  Data encryption was not used to protect the contents, meaning over 100 people may be at heightened risk of ID theft. Only Residents and Fellows Affected The device–which included SSNs, addresses, and phone numbers of university hospital […] read more

Data Encryption And The Cost Of Data Breaches: FTC Says Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?.

If you’re a HIPAA-covered entity, you probably want to use data encryption software to protect any sensitive patient data.  Otherwise, when a breach occurs, you’ll have to notify a number of people: under current HIPAA regulations, it means the HHS and affected patients. If a recent proclamation by the FTC is any indication, covered entities […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Perhaps Solution To SCADA Is USB Port Blocking?.

As I’ve noted before, the SCADA worm (or, more accurately, the Stuxnet worm/Trojan) has nothing to do with drive encryption software like AlertBoot.  But, perhaps a service that’s included in AlertBoot could be of help. Fractured Reporting I didn’t realize it last week, but the worm affecting SCADA is actually parceled up with the Microsoft […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: HK Hospital’s Computers Stolen During Break-In.

Hospital volunteers and patients at Hong Kong’s Queen Mary Hospital are at risk because of a computer data breach.  Two desktop computers and an external hard disk were stolen, and it looks like drive encryption software was not used. 700 Affected One of the stolen computers contained the information of 700 cancer patients and dozens […] read more

Drive Encryption Software Not Used On Missing Thomas Jefferson U Hospital Laptop.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals (TJUH) has announced a medical data breach today.  Approximately 21,000 patients are affected because a laptop was stolen from the hospital’s premises.  Disk encryption software was not used to safeguard the contents of the laptop. “Renegade” Employee On June 14 (the breach notice was posted on July 23, so a month […] read more