Ohio Data Breach Notification Law Does Not Apply To Paper Documents.

Many states have passed laws regarding data breaches.  In fact, there are 44 such states laws to date.  Most, but not all, offer safe harbor if the lost or stolen data was protected with some kind of data security measure, such as full disk encryption software like AlertBoot.  But what about the other type of […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software For Social Security Administration Telecommuters?.

Workers at the Social Security Administration are finding renewed vitality from their ability to work from home.  However, it’s been pointed out by the SSA Office of the Inspector General that the practice increases the risk of a data breach.  I can see why: employees have been allowed to take CDs that were not guarded […] read more

Data Encryption Software For Very Large Data Transfers? Amazon Offering Cloud Data Upload Via Disks.

Over the three years that I’ve covered data breach stories, I’ve heard much criticism regarding information stored on portable data devices.  Now, my criticism has always been “look, why are you not using disk encryption on the thing?”  And it’s not because I work for AlertBoot, a company that offers laptop and external disk encryption […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: DentaQuest Situation To Spread Nation-Wide?.

Well, it looks like New Mexico Human Services Department was not the only one affected by the DentaQuest laptop theft out of Chicago, which I brought up back in May.  There are reports that more than 10,000 Tennessee residents have been affected as well.  Again, shows why a company that deals with numerous clients should […] read more

Data Security: It’s Never 100%. But It Doesn’t Mean You Should Stop Trying (Update To Enloe In CA Hospital Fines).

I ended yesterday’s post with the observation that data security is a losing battle, and that constant vigilance was key in keeping data breaches and other disasters at bay.  Of course, this does not mean you should just give up and not invest in the appropriate tools like drive encryption software for your computers. On […] read more

Cost Of A Medical Data Breach In California: Penalties Fined Against 5 Hospitals.

Five hospitals are feeling the pain after the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) levied fines against them.  While I doubt that these could have been prevented by the use of data protection tools like full disk encryption from AlertBoot, it shows the potential pitfalls on being caught without them. All Fines for Employee Infractions […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Tufts U Alerts Alumni Of Breach.

According to boston.com and blastmagainze.com, Tufts alumni are being notified of a potential data breach.  Several computers were infected with malware, and seven thousand alumni may be affected.  It’s a clear case where data security failed, but less clear is how one would go about providing proper data security.  A solution like AlertBoot encryption software […] read more