Drive Encryption Software: U of Nevada Health System Warms Of Patient Data Breaches.

Computers were stolen from the Reno offices of the University Health System, a clinical program run by the University of Nevada School of Medicine.  It appears that full disk encryption software like AlertBoot was not used to secure patient data, since potentially affected patients are being alerted that their information “may have been viewed without […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Two Hong Kong Hospitals Go Public With Data Breach.

The Hospital Authority in Hong Kong announced two data breach incidents.  The breaches could have been easily avoided by following proper procedures and using information security software such as drive encryption software from AlertBoot. Caritas Medical Centre and Kowloon Hospital Caritas Medical Centre experienced a breach when a computer disk drive went missing  from a […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: Was It Used On Lost Inovis Employee Information?.

According to, Inovis, a B2B company that recently merged with GXS, has filed a data breach notification letter with the Attorney General of New Hampshire.  Inovis employee information was lost when a GXS laptop was stolen.  No word on whether disk encryption was used to protect the information. Laptop Stolen, Personal Information Lost It […] read more

ATM Data Theft: Skimmers So Sophisticated–How Are We Supposed To Protect Ourselves?.

One of the blogs that I often read is krebsonsecurity.  Today, I read a blog post that had my jaw hitting the floor, so I had to mention it even if doesn’t actually deal with hard disk encryption issues. ATM Skimmers that Look Like the Real Thing are Finally Here If you’ve ever read a […] read more

Ohio Data Privacy, Data Breach, And Encryption Law.

Personal information as defined under OH law, when it comes to breach disclosure When is a breach NOT a breach? What to do to contact the affected Penalties and fines – $1,000 a day per day (Ouch!) Following on yesterday’s observation that data breach notification laws don’t apply in the state of Ohio if the […] read more

Mexico Data Breach Penalties And Fines: Up To US$ 3 Million.

I had meant to follow up on this story, but only now have I found the time. According to the lawyers over at, Mexico has passed a new law on data protection which “provides for penalties up to an astounding $1.5 million for violations.”  There is no specific mention on the use of data […] read more

CD Disc Encryption: Interior Department Loses Encrypted CD, Notifies 7500 Employees.

A procurement specialist at the Interior Department’s National Business Center reported a CD as missing, which triggered breach notifications to 7,500 federal employees.  This was despite the contents of the CD being protected by data encryption.  Why?  I’m truly perplexed. Encryption = Protection The CD was lost around May 26.  Information contained in the disc […] read more