Drive Encryption Software: UK SMBs Find Data Security Least Important.

A new survey has found that 26% of the UK’s small and medium businesses consider data security to be a low priority.  It’s not that they’re unaware of the dangers; however, it looks like their knowledge of what’s at stake isn’t enough for them to realistically consider using data security tools like AlertBoot’s hard disk encryption software program.

78% Concerned of Data Theft

The survey has some eye-popping results:

  • 78% are concerned that data theft could negatively affect their business

  • 11% have lost revenue due to data loss

  • 12% have lost “competitively sensitive material”

  • 50% of Northern Ireland SMBs rank security as their top priority

  • None of North East SMBs rank security as their top priority

  • 38% rely on passwords to protect their laptop information (they really should opt for laptop protection)

  •  50% manage their IT systems without outside, specialized help

I Take That Back…Maybe They Don’t Know!

I started off the blog by noting that the SMBs knew about the dangers of having weak data protection in place.  Perhaps not.

Isn’t it quite telling that 78% are concerned about data theft and that 26% are not at all?  Add those two up, and you’ve got 104%, and with most well-developed surveys having a margin of error of approximately 3%…well, it gets me thinking.

What also gets me thinking is, “what’s going on in the North East?”  Why are none of the SMBs concerned about data security at all?  According to an on-line map, Pictures of England dot com, the North East is composed of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham, and Cleveland.

If I were an optimist, I’d imagine it was because they had rock-solid data security in place. (The descriptions of these places certainly are tranquil.  Maybe they don’t have any crime to speak of?)

Stats are Just that: Stats

As Mark Twain noted, “there are lies, damned lies, and statistics.”  Statistics can’t give you the whole picture, but it’s usually telling once a good number of elements are counted.

On telling stat is that 10% of SMBs have experienced revenue loss due to data breaches.

As far as I can tell, that’s not “10% of SMBs that have experienced a data breach also experienced a revenue loss”: that would imply that, if 25% of all small and medium businesses experienced a breach, a total of 2.5% of companies saw loss of revenue.  Nope, in this case, 10% of SMBs from the total count lost revenue.

Ten-percent of a total is HUGE.  I know of definitions for the word “epidemic” that involves much lower rates.  Heck, most pandemics seem to start at fatality rates of 25% or more.  Most people’s top priority, when sick, is seeing a doctor and getting cured.

Why the discord when it comes to data breaches?

At least, I’m encouraged with the 78% figure.  This means that people are willing, but as the “38% rely on passwords only” and “50% manage their own IT” stats show, there is a possibility SMB owners are not quite aware what data security entails.

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