Drive Encryption Software: U of Maine Health Services’ Data Hacked.

There certainly seems to be an odd influx of breach stories related to archives this week.  Health services at the University of Maine have reported the breach of medical information for nearly 5,000 students.  It’s a situation that could have been easily prevented by having the appropriate policies and security tools, like data encryption software. […] read more

Disk Encryption: NY Lincoln Medical Notifies 130,945 Of Data Breach.

The loss of seven CDs means a medical data breach for over 130,000 people who’ve visited Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center in New York.  The CDs were not protected using disk encryption software, a terrible move, since this seems to qualify as a HIPAA breach. Biller Causes Problems The information that was breached, sometime […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software Not Used On Stolen A4e Computer.

The BBC reports that 24,369 UK citizens were affected by the theft of a laptop computer belonging to an employee of A4e, a training company.  While the associated risk is low, people are being notified as a precaution.  It goes without saying that the use of full disk encryption software like AlertBoot would have been […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: Brazilian Mogul’s External Hard Drive Encryption Is FBI Proof.

The FBI was unable to break TrueCrypt encryption, according to the Brazilian police.  It’s the saga of one Daniel Dantas, a Brazilian banker who was eventually arrested on charges of bribing a police officer.  He got ten years and a $5 million fine.  Who knows what would have happened if hard disk encryption like AlertBoot […] read more

Data Security Issues Force Pizza Delivery Guys To Ask For ID?.

Sometimes, information security is not about the latest technology in disk encryption software like AlertBoot or antivirus software.  It’s about being aware: So I’m seeing a number of sites covering a story about how a Domino’s Pizza delivery guy asked a customer for his SSN or driver’s license number before handing him over the pie […] read more

Encryption for Backup Tapes: St. Francis Federal Credit Union Has Potential Data Breach.

Saint Francis Federal Credit Union announced that nearly 8,400 clients could possibly be involved in a data breach when a backup tape went missing.  It hasn’t been revealed whether any type of data encryption solution was used to protect the information. Dearth of Information In fact, not much has been made public about the breach, […] read more

Data Encryption And Securing Personal Information: Hacker Blackmails Women Into Making Porn.

It’s not every day you come across a story so bizarre that you just have to mention it.  According to stories making the rounds, a hacker blackmailed women into making porn for him after he got his hands on their personal information.  I’ve often mentioned “black swan situations” and the “you never know what’s going […] read more

Full Disk Encryption: Oregon National Guard Loses Laptop.

The Oregon National Guard is sending out an alert: guard members should be on the lookout for ID theft attempts.  A laptop computer with members’ personal information was stolen, and although the device was password-protected, it did not make use of more advanced forms of data security like laptop encryption software from AlertBoot. How Many […] read more