Data Encryption: School (K-12) Medical Records Are Protected By HIPAA? (Updated).

I came across an article that left my head scratching.  According to, Tom Considine opined in his show “Who Complies” that a school was in breach of HIPAA because it was disposing of student health files by dumping it at a landfill.  Sure, it’s an issue quite removed from laptop encryption software stories, but […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: Loma Linda Hospital Reports Computer Theft.

Man, coming in to work on Memorial Day is a tough deal.  At least, it’s given me time to catch up with data breach and security news.  For example, this blurb that escaped my notice from last week: the theft of a computer from Loma Linda Hospital, with information which I assume was not protected […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Breach Affects 61,000 Records.

A laptop computer was stolen from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, resulting in the loss of 61,000 patient records.  The details surrounding the incident show that this is a clear violation of HIPAA.  If only they had used drive encryption software, they may have saved themselves a lot of money in terms of notification costs […] read more

Disk Encryption: Towers Watson Information Breach The Next Colt Express?. has noted that a third entity has reported a data breach related to two DVDs missing from Towers Watson, and is wondering whether this is the next Colt Express situation.  If you’ll recall, Colt Express suffered a break-in, and computers with sensitive information–which were not protected with disk encryption software like AlertBoot–were stolen, a […] read more

iPhone Encryption Is For Naught Under Linux.

There are reports that an iPhone will reveal its content when hooked up to the newest release of Ubuntu Linux.  This, despite the fact that the latest iPhone generation–iPhone GS–comes with built-in hardware encryption.  Goes to show that “having disk encryption” and “having your data protected” are not always the same thing. Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid […] read more

Data Encryption Software: AMEX Site Fails Encryption, Fixes After Public Outing.

You might have heard by now that American Express dropped the ball when it came to on-line encryption.  While it’s not the same encryption that AlertBoot uses in its drive encryption–we use something far stronger–the case does highlight an important aspect of data encryption: following up and auditing. AMEX’s Mistake – Solved Less than 4 […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption: Bord Gais Introduces Data Security Measures.

Ireland experienced one of its biggest data breaches, if not the biggest, about a year ago, when a laptop computer–which was not protected with full disk encryption like AlertBoot–was stolen, affecting nearly 100,000 people. An investigation into the incident was published yesterday by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC), which noted everything that […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption And Centrally Management: A Recipe For Better Security.

I see LaCie’s fancy new external hard disk drive comes with AES-128 encryption.  Well, more than that, really.  It’s got biometric fingerprint access (which, tends to have an error rate that could get someone other than you into the device’s contents, but is still cool), and a shock-proof enclosure. It’s $190 for 500 GB and […] read more

Data Encryption and Security Breach Laws in Ireland: Coming Soon?.

Ireland’s Data Protection Review Group has stated that “data protection controllers should face sanctions for deliberate or reckless breaches of information protection law,” according to  It looks like the Irish government is getting ready to pass around data security and data breach notification laws, possibly dangling data encryption software as a carrot for better […] read more