Data Breach Cost Averages 3.43 Million Across The Globe.

I’m poring over the latest report released by The Ponemon Institute, and I’m wondering whether there’s more to the story than meets the eye.  In addition to localized reports for the US, UK, Germany, France, and Australia, The Ponemon Institute has released a global report.  Among other things, it shows that companies that are more […] read more

Data Encryption: NHS Worst UK Data Breach Offender.

ICO deputy commissioner David Smith pointed at the National Health Service (NHS) as being the worst when it comes to data breaches.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise.  I’ve read and covered more than my share of UK breaches related to medical facilities than I’d like to admit, and often commented that the use of […] read more

HIPAA Encryption: What Does the HHS Do For Their Data Encryption Needs?.

HIPAA-governed entities may need to use data encryption software to protect sensitive data–usually known as ePHI, electronic personal health information–depending on what their security needs happen to be.  Encryption is not a requirement, at least not yet (although some beg to differ). Which is weird because HHS apparently holds itself to a higher standard. HHS […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: A Seven Year Breach…At ESB.

ESB Financial–the parent holding company of ESB Bank, with three branches in Kansas–has announced a customer data breach that took place 7 years ago.  It involved an outside contractor, and due to the circumstances, data encryption couldn’t be used to prevent the breach. Data Breach Seven Years Ago, Information Found Recently on Internet The breach […] read more

Key Management – An Essential Part of Encryption Deployment.

(This is a continuation to a blog post titled Encryption: The Only Data Security Method That’s Easy.) The importance of encryption key management cannot be stressed enough.  Simply put, if you lose track of your encryption keys, you won’t be able to decrypt your protected content in the event something goes wrong.  And, if you’re […] read more