Laptop Encryption Software: Australian Department Of Primary Industry Loses 77 Laptops And PDAs.

The Department of Primary Industries in Australia has come under fire for losing “77 laptops or palm computers” over the past 4 years, according to  That’s a loss of one laptop per every 2.5 weeks.  Disk encryption was not used to secure the contents of the laptops, although password-protection was present. 25,000 Staff Members […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: Abbot Medical Optics Backup Tapes Stolen.

Abbot Medical Optics (AMO) has alerted the NH Attorney General’s office that they have a potential data breach on their hands.  Three locked boxes containing backup tapes were stolen.  “Security features” were present, but there is no specific discussion on whether data encryption software. Personal Information Stolen The backup tapes included data from human resources […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software Not Installed Properly On Stolen AvMed Laptops, 200,000 Affected (Updated).

Update (03 JUNE 2010): AvMed has revised their figures of affected patients to 1.2 million, from its initial 210,000.  Two computers were stolen from AvMed Health Plans, compromising the information for nearly 210,000 subscribers and dependents.  It sounds like disk encryption was used to protect the laptops; however, there is a fear that “one of the […] read more

Disk Encryption: PF Chang Reports Possible Employee Data Breach.

PF Chang’s China Bistro has notified the NH Attorney General’s office that stolen equipment may lead to a breach of employee information.  Data encryption software like AlertBoot endpoint security was not used, it appears, although password protection was in place. reveals that PF Chang set up in order to provide information regarding the […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: Columbia U Laptop Stolen In Break-In.

1,400 students, alumni, employees, and prospective students are affected by the theft of three laptops computers from Columbia University offices, according to The Bwog.  It looks like disk encryption was not used to secure the contents of the stolen laptops, a move that would have ensured the safety of the data. Social Security Numbers Included […] read more