Full Disk Encryption And Other Considerations: Security Of Corporate Data On Laptops.

TechTarget has a list of considerations that midmarket IT managers should take into account when it comes to “securing corporate data for users on the go.”  The use of disk encryption, such as Alertboot endpoint security, is included.  More important, though, it also includes recommendations (some of them non-technical issues) that also require implementation for successfully securing corporate data.

The recommendations, in no particular order, are:

  • Education on the importance of laptop security and enforcement of policies

  • Using full disk encryption to secure laptop data

  • Impose login requirements

  • Ensure that machines automatically apply security patches

  • Be aware of non-compliant machines

Interestingly enough, a number of these recommendations can be implemented by choosing the right encryption software.

Take AlertBoot, for example.  It’s a full disk encryption software that’s easily deployed over the internet and is centrally managed.  An administrator can easily push policy updates, including login requirements such as password lengths; the inclusion of special characters, letters, and numbers in passwords; how often they should be changed, etc.

Also, due to its integrated reporting, an administrator can easily see which computers have successfully installed the encryption package, and which ones have not.  It’s also possible to see how many times incorrect login attempts were made.

By selecting AlertBoot or other similar encryption software, three of the five recommendations are already fulfilled.  What’s left?

Applying security patches can be automated to an extent–just set your computer to apply any and all patches that are recommended by our OS.  (Personally, I don’t do this because I turn off my computer at the end of the day, and I’ve been caught unawares when a computer restarts automatically after applying patches.  I religiously monitor for updates, though, and will apply them at the end of the day).

Probably most important above all is educating employees about laptop security.  Regardless of which encryption product you decide to use, it will require the cooperation of employees: ensuring they don’t stick up passwords on their computer screens; share passwords; etc.  Otherwise, the environment guarantees a data breach will eventually take place.

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