Drive Encryption Software: Arkansas National Guard Hard Drive Missing.

The Arkansas National Guard has announced that a backup hard drive has gone missing.  The drive, which contained sensitive information on current and former soldiers, was not protected with full disk encryption like AlertBoot endpoint security software. Discovered Missing on February 15; Had Information For Past 6 Years A search for the missing drive has […] read more

Full Disk Encryption And Other Considerations: Security Of Corporate Data On Laptops.

TechTarget has a list of considerations that midmarket IT managers should take into account when it comes to “securing corporate data for users on the go.”  The use of disk encryption, such as Alertboot endpoint security, is included.  More important, though, it also includes recommendations (some of them non-technical issues) that also require implementation for […] read more

Data Security: UT Gas Pumps Carry Card Skimmers.

One of the difficulties I have face when speaking to people about the need for better data security is denial, “because we’re too small, it won’t happen to us.”  “It” being a data breach.  In other words, we’re too small to be targeted (usually followed by the proclamation, “that kind of stuff only happens at […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: Laptop Tracking 75% Effective For Recovery?.

Anyone who’s bothered to check any news sources over the weekend has probably heard of the situation at Lower Merion School District: the school was monitoring student activities at home.  But it was something else that caught my eye today as I was reading‘s write-up of the situation, and why full disk encryption like […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption: "Please Rob Me" Site Shows How Innocuous Information Is Not Trivial.

And now for something completely different…from what I usually blog about.  A Dutch group has created a site called (please rob me dot com) that essentially goes through twitter posts and plucks only those tweets that “check-in” using Foursquare.  Essentially, you can tell when someone’s not home, and that’s great information for would-be burglars. […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: Cardiology Consultants Lose Laptop With Ultrasound Scans.

Cardiology Consultants Inc. is notifying patients that a computer with ultrasound images was stolen.  They have admitted that data encryption was not used to secure the data, although “a special key” was required to access the information. 8,000 Notified According to, Cardiology Consultants is notifying about 8,000 patients that their names, dates of birth, […] read more

Data Encryption Software: More Laptops Stolen At Home Than Anywhere Else.

New research by Absolute Software, providers of a LoJack-like service for computers, shows that most laptops are stolen at home.  And when you consider that most laptops today carry too much personal information, a disk encryption software solution like AlertBoot may be the key towards ensuring your information is not stolen. 33% of UK Laptop […] read more