Missouri Data Breach Notification Law: Does UM Need To Claim Data Breach For "Envelope Glitch"?.

A story regarding the University of Missouri is making me wonder whether they’ve not had a breach, as they’re claiming.  After all, some conditions under the Missouri data breach notification law are met.  On the other hand, the law specifically states that notification is for computerized data. Missouri Data Privacy Law Data security breach notification […] read more

Disk Encryption: 4500 USB Thumbdrives Lost At UK Dry Cleaners.

Sometimes, drive encryption is useful not to thwart super-hackers, but to prevent breaches arising from living our daily lives.  Consider this recently released survey:  A study has found that 4,500 memory sticks were lost last year at the cleaners in the UK. Or rather, it was left in the pockets of garments; whether they ultimately […] read more