An Alternative To Deleting Data? The Rfiddler Looks Cool, Sounds Cool, Perhaps Can Do The Job.

You know, there’s zapping data and then there’s zapping data.  I’ve often noted how disk encryption software can be used to securely toss used hard drives (as opposed to destroying the drives or degaussing them), but encryption is not exactly fun, is it? Hence, I present you with the rfiddler, a RFID frying gun that’s […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: Canada’s PHIPA Requires The Use Of Encryption On Mobile Health Data.

The Durham data breach from last week (and reported earlier this week) has been met with incredulity by the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner.  A directive to use data encryption has been issued, prohibiting the transfer of sensitive data if encryption is not used. As you’ll recall, the loss of a USB key meant the […] read more