Laptop Encryption Software: Using PS3s To Crack Encryption Passwords.

Federal officers are employing Playstation 3 game consoles to crack the password to digital files protected with encryption software. To Catch A Predator – ICE C3 The operation is being spearheaded by the ICE, more specifically the C3 division/branch: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Cyber Crimes Center.  The target?  People traveling with child pornography.  Although, […] read more

Drive Encryption: Health Net Loses Info On Half-Million Connecticut Residents.

Health Net has announced the loss of a portable disk drive which has resulted in a data breach of 446,000 people.  Data security programs, such as full disk encryption from AlertBoot, were not used to secure the personal information.  This happened six months ago, and, boy, is Connecticut’s Attorney General Blumenthal angry. Looks Like Health […] read more