File Security: Junior Staffer Leaks US House Ethics Doc Via P2P.

The US Ethics Committee has announced that a recent document leak was caused by junior staffer who installed file-sharing software on his personal computer.  This statement actually raises questions.  It is also testament to how data security requires a holistic approach that includes data loss prevention and data encryption software, among other information leak prevention […] read more

Drive Encryption: Missing Tape Affects UK Farmers Tied To RPA.

If you’re a farmer in the UK, and have ever taken a payment from the Rural Payments Agency (RPA), consider yourself a victim of a data breach.  The RPA has lost computer tapes with information on farmers who have ever received a EU subsidy payment.  The tapes were not protected with encryption, as required. 39 […] read more

Data Security Update: Lost CalOptima CDs Found.

We got the following notice in our e-mail from Laer Pearce & Associates: Regarding the item you ran recently regarding a data breach at CalOptima, this matter has been resolved successfully. From the healthcare blog at today’s Orange County Register: Lost personal information of Medical members is found October 29th, 2009, 6:00 am by Courtney […] read more

Disk Encryption Software: Ashford and St Peter’s Loses USB Drives, Pledges Better Handling.

Three missing USB memory drives have prompted the Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Trust to sign an undertaking with the Information Commissioner’s Office.  The missing devices, which did not use full disk encryption, held cancer patient data. The Details The data included full treatment and diagnosis of cancer patients, and was stored in Microsoft […] read more

North Carolina Data Privacy, Data Breach, And Encryption Law.

North Carolina does not have a data encryption law per se; instead, it has a personal data breach notification law that gives safe harbor to people who use encryption to protect personal data. Warning: I’m not a lawyer–the following is strictly what I’ve taken from the various state laws found on-line. North Carolina Senate Bill […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: UK Companies Report 356 Data Breaches In Less Than One Year.

A Freedom of Information request has revealed that UK CIOs have reported 356 instances of data breaches since November 2008.  Of these, 222 instances (60%) would have been fully preventable via the use of drive encryption like AlertBoot. The 222 instances I mentioned include the loss or theft of hardware (memory sticks, laptops, etc.) and […] read more

Data Encryption Software: CalOptima Loses Unencrypted CDs.

Update 29 OCT 2009: CDs recovered.  CalOptima in Orange County has announced the loss of several CDs containing personal information of members.  It will affect approximately 68,000 people.  The use of data encryption software like AlertBoot would have been extremely useful, on a number of fronts. What Was Lost The CDs contained “names, home addresses, dates […] read more

Cost Of Computer Security Breach: Judge Rejects TD Ameritrade Offer.

The judge presiding over the TD Ameritrade lawsuit has rejected a settlement he himself had pre-approved nearly three months ago.  I can see how instances can justify the various data security measures companies across the US are choosing to take, despite their seemingly “heinous” upfront costs. (A drop in the bucket if Lady Fortuna decides […] read more

Data Encryption And ISO 27001, Compliant UK Firms Are Actually Not.

According to, nearly half of UK business that have been certified compliant with ISO 27001 are engaged in actions that would make them anything but.  In my own experience with drive encryption software, I can see how this can be true. What is ISO 27001? ISO/IEC 27001:2005-Information technology-Security techniques-Information security management systems-Requirements (commonly abbreviated […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption? Paper Documents Get Stolen, Too.

Encryption, encryption, encryption.  The message oft repeated in this blog is, if you have a computer with sensitive data, make sure you use some kind of data security product like hard disk encryption from AlertBoot to protect its contents. However, encryption cannot be your only data security tool, as the following story shows.  Remember, it’s […] read more