Data Protection Software: Can It Compete With the Bustadrive?.

What is the Bustadrive? Other options to the Bustadrive How effective is the Bustadrive? The problem with Bustadrive The guys over at PC Pro have a fun article about the Bustadrive, a “home-made” hard disk destroyer.  I put that word in quotes because it’s homemade in the sense that some guy invented it his garage, […] read more

Encryption: How Hard Is It To Crack? So Hard The Government Might Throw You In Jail.

Data encryption.  It’s billed as the best thing to protect your data, short of having a set of genetically cloned Bruce Lees guarding every one of your laptops.  But, there are those who will claim that “encryption is easy to break,” assuming that one knows what he’s doing.  Heck, I’ve even read of a self-described […] read more

Document Encryption Software Useful Against P2P And Other Breaches.

How An ID Thief Using P2P Was Caught Data Breaches Via P2P Software File Encryption – Protecting Sensitive Data A man in Seattle has been sentenced to three years in prison for identity theft.  Identity theft requires, obviously, personal information.  There are many ways of getting this information, but in the case of the Seattleite, […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption: UPS In UK Encrypts All Mobile Devices.

The UK-branch of UPS has announced that all of their laptops and smartphones have been encrypted.  The increased security stems from a data breach UPS experienced nearly a year ago.  In that case, a laptop computer was stolen.  This computer did not have drive encryption software securing its contents.  The only form of data security […] read more

Data Encryption Use Increases In Australia In 2009.

A new study released by the Ponemon Institute has found that the use of data security products like full disk encryption is increasing in Australia, apparently a reaction to increasing cases of data breaches. According to, the report saw 69% of 482 Australian businesses experienced at least one data breach in the past 12 […] read more