Data Encryption: Citadel Uses It To Protect Their Trading Platform.

I was reading the grey lady on-line when I happened upon the following tidbit that reveals a couple of things about data encryption software: “As part of the suit, Citadel detailed the extraordinary steps it takes to protect its software. Besides encrypting its programs, the firm discourages employees from writing down details about them. Its […] read more

Full Disk Encryption: Repair Management Services LTD Signs Undertaking With ICO.

The MVRA in the UK (now known as Repair Management Services Ltd) has agreed with the Information Commissioner’s Office to protect the data on mobile devices, including laptops (probably via the use of disk encryption software like AlertBoot). This agreement was prompted by a data breach Repair Management Services experienced when an unencrypted laptop computer […] read more

Sell Social Security Numbers, Get 10 Years In Jail And $250,000 Fine.

According to, a regular on the show “One Tree Hill” has admitted to dealing Social Security numbers.  Antwon Tanner, known as “Skills” on the CW show, got caught in a sting by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He attempted to sell 16 SSNs and three fake cards to undercover officers for a total […] read more

What Is A Third Party Data Breach?.

What is a third party breach? Who’s responsible for third party data breaches? How can third party breaches be prevented? A third party data breach is exactly what the name implies: it’s when sensitive information is lost by a third party.  For example, let’s say you’re a customer of Company A.  This company contracts out […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Chart Industries Has 8 Laptops Stolen.

According to, Chart Industries, Inc. has filed a letter with the New Hampshire Attorney General regarding the theft of eight laptop computers from its corporate offices.  While password-protection was used to “protect” the computers’ contents, it appears that drive encryption software like AlertBoot was not used to cryptographically safeguard the data (a better option […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption: NY Life Insurance Has Second Breach. has noted that New York Life Insurance’s latest letter filed with the Attorney General of New Hampshire is unusually detailed.  A laptop was stolen from a sales agent’s car, and contrary to company policy, the computer was not protected by data encryption software.  The unusual part?  The agent that lost the laptop has been […] read more