Drive Encryption Software Better Than Fake Newspaper Laptop Case.

I’ve come across a very fun product that purportedly keeps your laptop safe from theft.  I don’t know that it would do a better job of protecting your sensitive data than disk encryption software like AlertBoot…but I guess, when you’re supposed to have layered security, such a product would contribute towards security (even if it’s admittedly only a little bit.  Tiny.  Infinitesimally small).

The product in question is a laptop case that looks like a newspaper.  Available for 60 euros, it features luminary publications such as “Le Pais,” “La Vanguarda,” La Gretezza dello Sport,” “The Herold Tribune,” and the “Frankfurten Allgemeine.”

If you’re familiar with these periodicals, you might notice that the names all feature typos.  I figure it must be so the manufacturer of the case doesn’t get sued–you know, trademarks and what not.  I must say the typo kind of makes the thing more noticeable, and may invite more attention than not.  But then, I’m the type of person that goes around noticing typos on signs (even if I’m complicit in spreading typos into the digital realm).

I’m not sure how they look like in real life, but pictures of the product certainly seem to do it some justice.  I could have sworn that the photograph featured on the product page shows an actual newspaper partially covering a Mac Book.

(Oh, something to note.  The case was designed for Mac Book Pros.  But, there’s no reason why it couldn’t be used on a regular laptop, right?)

The only problem?  I’ve noticed that newspapers have become thinner over the years, so if someone were to see a newspaper that’s about an inch thick or more…well, that, too might trigger some unwanted attention.

There’s also the fact that thick newspapers tend to sag in the middle, kind of taking a curved shape.  This laptop case, I’m assuming, features no such sag.

Hm.  Why, contrary to my opening remarks, this case might just be a beacon call to laptop thieves.  I’d seriously suggest the use of encryption software if you decide to use this case to protect your laptop.

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