Skype Encrypts Your Calls, Trojan Gets Around It.

I’m a Skype user.  While I’m not too crazy about the call quality, it’s the cheapest way to make calls to the US while I’m drinking a cup of coffee at an overseas coffee shop that offers free wi-fi (the call itself is also free if the other guy uses Skype on his computer as […] read more

Drive Encryption Software Better Than Fake Newspaper Laptop Case.

I’ve come across a very fun product that purportedly keeps your laptop safe from theft.  I don’t know that it would do a better job of protecting your sensitive data than disk encryption software like AlertBoot…but I guess, when you’re supposed to have layered security, such a product would contribute towards security (even if it’s […] read more

Bank Data Security: Trojans Being Spread Via Mail (Postal Mail, That Is).

It looks like some criminals are resorting to real-world exploits to further their virtual-world crimes.  It makes sense since the past couple of years or so has seen an unprecedented amount of interest in data security, like AlertBoot drive encryption software for laptops and storage devices, firewalls for on-line protection, etc. And, they’re getting much […] read more

Data Security: US Governors Get Free Laptops, FBI Investigates.

Sometimes, it’s not the use of data security tools like hard drive encryption that protect you.  Sometimes, it’s doing nothing that can protect you.  Take the case of the unasked-for laptops. The FBI is currently investigating why unsolicited laptops were sent to US governors.  The Governor’s Office in West Virginia received five laptops, for example; […] read more

Full Disk Encryption: PA Consulting Breach Figures Revised Upwards.

The UK’s Home Office had to revise its estimates regarding a data breach from last year.  A USB memory stick with prisoner data was lost by a consulting firm, resulting in 130,000 prisoner records.  The memory disk did not make use of USB drive encryption like AlertBoot endpoint security systems, which could have prevented the […] read more

Texas Personal Information Data Privacy Notification And Encryption Laws: Business and Commerce Code Chapter 521.

Under the Texas Identity Theft Enforcement and Protection Act (a link is provided at the end of this post), notification to customers is required if there is an information security breach of the customers’ computerized data.  The notification must be done as quickly as possible.  Safe harbor is provided if the sensitive data is protected […] read more