Email Protection: McAfee Has Small (But Ironic) Data Breach Via Email Attachment. is reporting that McAfee has had a small data breach of sorts.  It’s ironic on so many levels because McAfee is a data security company; they market a solution for e-mail security; and the people involved in the breach were attendees of a security conference. The lost information is, well, quite personal on some […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: Colorado City Engineer Computer Stolen While Golfing.

Employees for the city of Brighton, Colorado are being alerted about a laptop and USB disk theft that could compromise their bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, and addresses.  The theft occurred when someone broke into the city’s lead IT engineer’s truck while he played a round of golf at a charity tournament.  And while it was […] read more

The Cost Of Data Breaches In The UK: Getting A 30% Discount On Millions.

HSBC, the global banking giant, has been in the news several times over the past couple of years over data breaches of customer information.  A data encryption software solution, like AlertBoot, would have prevented most of these breaches–as pointed out by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).  However, HSBC did not move quickly enough, and is […] read more