Data Encryption Software Used On Most Of 15 Stolen HSE Laptops.

Following on yesterday’s post about laptop thefts at Bord Gais, here’s another case that again shows encryption across an entire company or organization is no easy matter.  The Health Service Executive (HSE) office in Ireland has been victim to a break-in, and fifteen laptops were stolen.  Thankfully, thirteen of the laptops featured drive encryption (something […] read more

Drive Encryption Software: Irish Gas Board Laptop Stolen, Not Protected.

Four laptops belonging to Bord Gais in Ireland (I think that’s Irish for “gas board”) were stolen.  One of them was not encrypted and held the bank account details of 75,000 customers.  It looks like the lack of data protection, however, was an oversight, since there was already a program in place for installing data […] read more

Data Encryption And Password Protection: Why The Latter Fails.

Most people know (…or do they?) that password protection on a laptop computer is, security wise, an oxymoron, like “pretty ugly” and “military intelligence” (an honorable discharge means I’m allowed to take potshots at my former employer).  That’s why people in the know will resort to something like laptop encryption for protecting their computer data.  […] read more

Document Protection: NHS Loses Patient Data – Diary Stolen.

An unreported loss of patient data by NHS Northamptonshire has taken a strange twist in my opinion.  The loss of patient data by the National Health Services is nothing new, of course.  I’ve often covered the loss of laptops, portable disks, USB memory drives, and other data storage devices from numerous hospitals in the UK.  […] read more

Stop Data Theft: Use Encryption To Protect Your Data.

One of the most effective ways of stopping data theft is to use encryption software on computers and digital data storage devices.  It will not prevent the theft of a computer, or even help you recover your data–but if you or your company’s main purpose is to prevent the theft of data, encryption software like […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption: Nightingale Practice Patients Affected By Break-In.

A break-in at Clapton’s Nightingale Practice in the UK has resulted in a medical data breach that could affect more than 7,000 patients.  A computer hard drive was stolen, as well as backup tapes, which were not protected with data security measures like data encryption software from AlertBoot. Break-in At the Manager’s Office According to […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: AARP Employees At Risk Over Stolen Laptop.

The AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) has filed a letter with the New Hampshire Attorney General regarding the theft of laptop computer with personal information.  The good news is that this latest information security breach will not be affecting retired people.  On the other hand, AARP employees (retired persons employee: sounds like an oxymoron, […] read more