New Jersey Personal Information Data Encryption Provision And Security Law.

Definition of “breach of security” and “personal information” What to do in the event of a breach Notifications – How To New Jersey’s personal information data breach laws contain a safe harbor for entities that use encryption (specifically, the New Jersey Statute 56:8-161 and 56:8-163).  I’m not a lawyer, but thankfully the law is written […] read more

Full Disk Encryption: Ghana Market Yields Northrop Grumman Hard Drive.

Journalists have found a computer hard drive that contained sensitive documents belonging to US defense contractor Northrop Grumman.  They found this disk drive–of all places–in a market in Ghana.  The disk didn’t feature hard drive encryption software like AlertBoot, so the contents were readily accessible.  The cost?  $40. What Type of Information? It may be […] read more

Data Encryption Software: Alberta Hospital Loses Laptops.

The theft of two laptops on June 4th has affected 250,000 patients at the University of Alberta Hospital.  The information on the two machines includes names, birth dates, personal health numbers, and test results for STDs.  The question is, was drive encryption software like AlertBoot used on these machines?  Depending on who you quote, one […] read more

Encrypt USB Key: Data Encryption Not Used On Missing Florida Department of Revenue USB Stick.

Data Encryption Not Used On Florida Department of Revenue Employee loses USB stick Contents not encrypted, password-protection used (why this is bad) If the USB key was encrypted, it would have been better It’s being reported that data encryption was not used on a stolen USB key that contained sensitive information. Florida Department of Revenue […] read more

Drive Encryption Software Not Used On Stolen Tulsa CTP Server.

Recovered server stolen in 2007 Server was not accessed after theft Luck is not a data security measure Using encryption to secure data The Commission for Teacher Preparation (CTP) in Oklahoma has notified past test takers that they may be victims of a data breach, although there are indications that they should be safe.  Of […] read more

Cost Of A Data Breach: TJX Settles For $10 Million.

What’s the cost of a data breach?  According to the latest news, nothing lower than a cool $10 million if the information security breach approaches TJX-like scales.  If you’ll recall, TJX had a massive breach of customer credit-card information nearly 3 years ago.  The entire thing stemmed from the fact that their encryption software was […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption Missing: Cornell Has Breach, 45000 Affected.

Forty-five thousand current and former students and staff members (and some dependents) are the victims of a data breach at Cornell University due to the theft of a computer.  The university has set up a site (a FAQ, actually; see address at the end of this post) with details.  It can be inferred from the […] read more

Laptop Encryption Software: Manchester City Council In Breach Of DPA.

Manchester City Council has been found in breach of the Data Protection Act (DPA) by the Information Commissioner’s Office.  Two laptop computers that did not feature hard disk encryption were stolen.  Had data security software like AlertBoot endpoint encryption been used, the personal details of 1,754 employees would not have fallen into the wrong hands. […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption: Charles Schwab Reports Lost Drive.

Charles Schwab and Co. has filed a letter with the Attorney General of New Hampshire, according to  An employee (now fired) took from company premises a hard disk with confidential information, which was subsequently stolen.  It’s not mentioned whether drive encryption software.  Normally, I’d say that this is a strong signal that it wasn’t […] read more