Hard Disk Encryption Still Preferred Over Lucky Breaks.

According to the site perens.com, a laptop thief was nabbed thanks to an on-line backup program.  And, while this is preferable to not recovering a lost laptop, it’s not something people should rely on for protecting their data.  I would advocated the use of drive encryption software like AlertBoot, but such data protection would have impeded […] read more

Hard Drive Encryption: Stolen Laptop Did Not Use, 109000 Affected.

NorthgateArinso, a software provider to The Pensions Trust, lost a laptop computer that contained the personal information for 109,000 people.  Laptop encryption software such as AlertBoot endpoint security systems was not used to secure the device, although password-protection was used. Breached Data The data breached in this latest set of UK-based data fiascos includes names, addresses, […] read more

Mobile Security: RIM Protects Data Better Than Windows Mobile, iPhone.

You carry, on a daily basis, a device that can create a data breach.  This device is known as a smartphone, for the lack of a better term.  And, according to my reading of a research report, the presence of data encryption could be indicative of the device’s overall security. As most people know, not […] read more

Data Encryption: Naughty Details Not Protected In RAF Hard Disk Drive Data Breach.

The Guardian has found out, via a Freedom of Information Act, that a military data breach from last year involved more than meets the eye (or its press release).  In September 2008, the Royal Air Force had announced that three hard disk drives that weren’t protected with full disk encryption were stolen from a high-security […] read more

Best Hard Drive Encryption Software Program: Anything That Doesn’t Use Proprietary Algorithms.

The business of creating bulletproof encryption software is a tough business.  Plenty of people thought they had found that perfect data security formula only to have their dreams dashed by other people looking to do the same.  As a result, there are only a handful of encryption algorithms out there in the world that are […] read more

Encryption Used By LG Telecom To Protect Customer Information.

ZDNet Korea is reporting (in Korean, of course) that LG Telecom (LGT), the third largest mobile services provider in Korea, will be using encryption to protect customer information.  It will be the first to do so among mobile service providers in the country. The private information to be protected by LGT includes national registration numbers, […] read more

Drive Encryption Cheaper Than $50,000 Reward For Lost Clinton Drive.

The Associated Press as well as others are reporting that the National Archives have lost a external hard drive with presidential records.  From the looks of it, the portable drive did not utilize drive encryption software to secure the contents.  On the other hand, this is the National Archives were talking about; their objective is […] read more