Disk Encryption Lacking On Oklahoma FHA Laptop – 225,000 Affected.

A laptop computer belonging to an employee with the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency has been stolen in a house burglary.  It affects 225,000 Oklahomans, a little over 6% of the state’s population.  The agency was in the process of protecting computers with the use of drive encryption software; however, the stolen computer had not been […] read more

Data Loss Prevention Failure Should Lead To CEO Jail Time?.

An international survey conducted by Websense reveals that 30% of respondents think that CEOs and board members at companies where a data breach occurred should be jailed.  Now, I wouldn’t find this too surprising, except that it was a survey done on security professionals at the 2009 e-Crime Congress.  That’s got me scratching my head. […] read more

Disk Encryption Software Not Deployed On USB Disk Missing At Bradford Teaching Hospitals?.

A health worker at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has lost a USB memory stick with patient details for 2,650 surgical patients and 3,000 patients on a waiting list.  There is no mention whether data encryption software like AlertBoot was used to secure the contents, although circumstances hint that it wasn’t used. The missing […] read more

Managed Data Encryption Service: IRS Shows How Going It Alone Takes Forever.

Earlier this month, the Treasury Department’s Inspector General reported how the IRS had made slow progress in securing its computers.  There were many factors at play, among them poor management.  But it seems to me that a bigger factor was the sheer size of what the IRS was trying to protect.  AlertBoot’s own managed encryption […] read more

Drive Encryption Missing On Most Computers In Chateau Office Building Theft? 60 Business Affected.

Chateau Office Building in California burglarized – 60 businesses affected What are the damages? Data was targeted Information is hard to get to?  The reality about password protection California encourages the use of encryption The Chateau Office Building in Woodland Hills, California (billed as a landmark building by the media) experienced a “brazen” theft: approximately […] read more

Data Encryption On Medical USB Drives From Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente, the HMO, is offering about a third of its members a USB flash drive filled with their medical information.  It will cost members $5 and, while it won’t hold all of a member’s medical information, there will be enough of it to help during an emergency.  Naturally, the information is sensitive, so the […] read more

Cost of Data Breaches: Lost Laptops Cost $50,000 Per Incident.

According to Intel and the Ponemon Institute, the true cost of a stolen laptop is closer to $50,000 than it is to $5,000, the (admittedly overpriced) value for replacing the machine.  The ten-fold difference is attributed to the missing data and associated activities, and underscores the importance of data security products like hard disk encryption […] read more

Hard Disk Encryption Not Used On Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Laptop Computer.

Looks like the data troubles for the UK National Health Services won’t ebb away any time soon.  The Aberdeen Royal Infirmary has reported that it’s missing a laptop computer with sensitive information.  It looks like there was some thought given to data security, but the lack of appropriate information protection software like data encryption from […] read more