Encryption As A Service: Centrally Managed Encryption For Faster Deployments And Easier Maintenance.

Fast and convenient encryption deployments mean better security Maintenance – Government audits When it comes to data encryption, companies need more than adequate encryption software.  I mean, you can’t just check to make sure the encryption software you’ve signed up for uses RSA or AES and pat yourself on the back for a job well […] read more

Data Encryption Software Not As Good As A Screeching Laptop?.

Well, the laptop doesn’t really screech, unless you want it to.  But I’m wondering whether this is a serious alternative to full disk encryption software like AlertBoot when it comes to data security. According to coverage by the washingtonpost.com, there is a company out in Colorado that’s offering software that will display your contact information […] read more

Data Encryption Software Not Used In Missing UK Hospital Floppy Disks.

The North Wales NHS Trust has recently found that the Glan Clwyd hospital in the UK has lost one hundred computer disks. Disk encryption software like AlertBoot was not used to secure the contents of these disks, nor was there (the misleadingly-named) password protection in place. There shouldn’t be any fears of some type of […] read more

Data Security: Google Talk Phishing Scam. It’s New But The Tactic Is Old.

There is a new phishing scam making the rounds.  All it involves is people on your Google Talk IM’ing you with “check this out!”  It just goes to show that there is nothing new under the sun, and why the use of drive encryption software like AlertBoot is sometimes necessary on seemingly public and innocuous […] read more

Data Encryption: New Hacker Tool Makes Browser Padlock Useless, Employs Man In The Middle Attacks.

A security researcher has shown a way to defeat the security of web browsers’ padlocks (also known as SSL, which encrypts your on-line communications, for those who are interested).  But in testimony to how the use of data encryption software can increase information security,  the attack is a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack, not an attack on […] read more

Data Security: Revisiting Heartland’s Numbers.

About a week-and-a-half ago, in a detraction from covering stories where AlertBoot hard drive encryption software could have helped prevent a data breach, I noted that bankinfosecurity.com had compiled data on banks that were affected by the Heartland Payment Systems data breach. I took the data available at the time and ran some numbers.  Today, […] read more

Data Protection: How Seemingly Insignificant Data Can Lead To Significant Problems.

Utah scammed out of $2.5 million Innocuous-looking vendor number was seminal in leading to the scam It’s not uncommon to see people react indifferently when data breaches occur.  Yeah, you’ve got those who get stirred up, sometimes to the point of seeming violent, but most tend to react with a “meh,” especially when the information […] read more